Delivering TURNKEY Renewable Energy Solutions & Sustainability

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PT Serayu Manunggal Sukses (also known as SMS NuEnergy) is a local Indonesian company specilizing in Renewable Energy Solutions Applications. We address the needs of all industries,  consumers and remote area electrification for reliable, economical, sustainable and clean electricity through the application of technology for renewable sources mainly the sun, wind and hydro.


SMS NuEnergy is currently one of Indonesia leading Renewable Energy Consulting firm focusing on IPP developments, PV systems integration and  O&M.  As a Total Turnkey Solutions provider, we  offer a a wide range of renewable applications for Solar PV systems, Wind and other renewable products to the industrial, commercial and end-users who are in needs of reliable green and cheap alternative energy. In doing so, we are also working with our Clients to meet their CSR goals through implementation of renewable energy into the workplace, process and operations.


We have the solution and technology to help consumers and business owners to reduce or totally eliminate energy cost, be less dependent of Utility grid power. In line with the governments electricity regulations, utility customers who have installed Solar PV systems are now able to export excess energy generated by their renewable energy system back to Utility grid  through the Net-Metering. This will significantly benefit consumers and end-users alike.